I was honored to walk in the firefighter's procession at the dedication of the California Firefighters Memorial in the State Capitol Park just east of the capitol building.  Though I only knew one or two of the 855 firefighters whose names grace the memorial wall, being at the dedication certainly brought me closer to my brother and sister firefighters, especially those that are fallen.  Please enjoy the pictures below and then click on the icon to learn more about the memorial.

The memorial consists of three parts.  The centerpiece is a limestone wall (much like the Vietnam Memorial) containing the names of all firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty since California became a state in 1850.  In addition there are two sculptures.  The smaller of the two, entitled "Fallen Brother" depicts a firefighter carrying the lifeless body of a brother firefighter, was sculpted by Jesus Romo, a retired Sacramento City Fire Department Battalion Chief.  The larger, across a grassy patio, is entitled "Holding the Line", and was sculpted by well know artist Lawrence Alan Noble.  It depicts four firefighters of different disciplines advancing a hoseline up a hill.
This is the wall on which the names of the firefighters who have died in the line of duty are inscribed.
A sea of blue, this is the dedication ceremony, attended by the families of fallen firefighters, 2000 firefighters, Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante, and numerous other dignitaries including CPF officials. 
On the left.is "Fallen Brother" by Jesus Romo, and on the right is "Hold the Line" by Lawrence Alan Noble.
One of my favorite parts of the memorial is the outstretched gloved hands of the firefigters depicted in "Hold the Line".  I suppose it can mean anything you want it to, but I like to think of it as a helping hand, stretched out to a brother.
California Firefighters Memorial