Educational History

High School                                                                                
General Educationgrad. June '78

Cal State Long BeachMA Emergency Admin.         May 2003
St. Mary's College     BA  Buiness Management     March 1998
American River College     Fire Science   April 1995

Emergency Medical Technician                                                 June '80
Daniel Freeman Hospital Paramedic School                              August '83
AIAA High Angle Rescue                                                         March '85
Treasure Island General Shipboard Firefighting                          February '86
Strategy and Tactics - LA City FD                                            December '86
CFSTES Driver/Operator 1A                                                   June '88
CFSTES Driver/Operator 1B                                                   June '88
CFSTES Command 1A                                                            May '87
CFSTES Command 1B                                                            June '92
CFSTES Prevention 1A                                                           June '92
CFSTES Prevention 1B                                                           August '92
CFSTES Instructor 1A                                                            August '92
CFSTES Instructor 1B                                                            August '92
CFSTES Management 1                                                          August '92
AIDS Education for Emergency Workers Instructor   September '92
CFSTES Investigation 1A                                                        October '92
CFSTES Investigation 1B                                                         July '92
I-200 Incident Command System                                             October '93
CFSTES Command 2B (Hazardous Incident Command)          March '94
CFSTES Command 2E (Wildland Fire Command)                   June '94
CFSTES Command 2C (High Rise Fire Command)                 August '94
CFSTES Command 2A (Command of Major Incidents)           September '94
CFSTES Mngmnt 2A (Organizational Behavior)                       October '94
CFSTES Mngmnt 2B (Financial Management)                          January '95
CFSTES Mngmnt 2E (Managing Transition)                             April '95
CFSTES Instruct 2E (Group Dynamics)                                   May '95
CFSTES Command 2D (Disaster Planning)                              November '95
CFSTES Mngmnt 2D (Master Planning)                                   April '96
CFSTES Investigation 2A (Legal Procedures)                          November `97
CFSTES Investigation 2B (Field Case Studies)                         May `98
Practical Applications of Fire Behavior Theory (CPS)October '99
Advanced Firefighter Training (S-131)October '99
Dispatch Recorder (D-110)   April '02
Advanced Cardiac Care (12 Lead EKG)April '03
Incident Command System (I-300) June '03
Intermediate Fire Behavior (S-290)     February '04
Crew Boss (S-230)     February "04
Engine Boss (S-231)   February '04
CFSTES Command 1CMay '04

CFSTES          Firefighter I         April '88
CSTI               Haz Mat First Responder                                  May '92
CSFTES          Firefighter II                                                     August '93
CSTI               Haz Mat Incident Commander                           March '94
CSFTES          Fire Officer                                                       October '93
CSFTES          Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator I                      October '93
CSTI               Strike Team Leader Engine                                June '94
CSFTES   Chief Officer      January "04

Promoted to the rank of Engineer                                              July '96
Promoted to the rank of Captain   October '02

California Junior Chamber of Commerce
Outstanding Young Public Safety Officer of the year 1996

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